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Homer Public Library

Your Library Card

Getting a card, renewing materials, placing holds, etc.

Who can get a card
Anyone can get a Homer Public Library card, as long as we can verify a current address through a driver's license, a state id, or two pieces of mail with the current address on it.  We will not issue a card to a child if the parent owes any fines.  Those most be paid in full before we will issue a card to a child.

How to Get Your Card
Come in to the library and fill out a library card application.  We will check the identification and in most cases can have your card ready before you leave the library.

Borrowing Limits
The first time you check out you will be limited to 2 items.  After those items are returned on time, then we have a 50 item borrowing limit.  Rarely does anyone take out that many items, so it is best to only check out what you can be responsible for and return in the two week check-out period. (Librarians reserve the right to put limits on any patrons accounts.)           Dvds will only be able to be checked out for one week with No Renewal and you are limited to 10.

Placing Holds
When popular titles are released you can request to be put on a list for the item.  You will be called when your name comes up on the list and the item will be held for two days at the library for you to pick up.  These popular titles cannot be renewed and need to be returned to the library as quickly as possible so that the next person on the list can be called.  Names will not be automatically added to lists and if you turn down a book or fail to pick it up in the two days time your name will be moved to the bottom of the list.

Renewing Your Borrowed Items
Most everything can be renewed either in person or over the phone.  You can renew items up to three times but after that the items must be returned.
Items that cannot be renewed are items that are new or have people waiting for them and dvds can not be renewed.

Library Fines
Overdue fines are 5 cents per day, per item.  Anyone with library fines will not be allowed to check out any Homer Public Library items or interlibrary loan items until the fine is paid.